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Ellucian will maintain the privacy of any personal information you provide in registering for Ellucian Live consistent with its Privacy Statement and any consents you provide.

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  1. Ellucian may use the information you provide to send you communications, announcements, and other information about Ellucian Live 2022 and related events if applicable. We will keep records of your participation in the events and on the platform.
  2. Ellucian may share your information with its employees with a need to know, speakers/presenters, CVENT (whose privacy policy is available here), any virtual entertainment provider, Ellucian’s event agency(ies) involved in planning and producing Ellucian Live 2022, and the Ellucian Live 2022 program committees, which consist of Ellucian personnel and personnel from Ellucian customers.
  3. Ellucian may transfer your personal information to, and maintain your personal information in, the United States or any other country in which Ellucian and its affiliates or agents operate.
  4. The information you provide during registration and through the event platform and app(s) will be retained by Ellucian for up to 3 years unless a longer period is required for legal or regulatory requirements.
  5. You will not provide personal or other sensitive information in your presentation proposals, discussion forum or networking topics.
  6. *Please note that Ellucian may use, transfer and share this information as provided in the Registration terms and conditions including the cancellation and substitution policies and Ellucian’s Privacy Notice.
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